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Easy Steps for Admission

Admission Form Available from Office and Can be provide by mail.


Courses Overview

The following Information of all courses can be viewed at our courses webpage.

1.       Course Introduction

2.       General Information; Course Industry, duration, Instructors, Prerequisites and

          Courses availability.

3.       Desired Learning Objectives

4.       Information of Instructional Techniques 

5.       Detailed and Step by Step Course Outline

Educational requirements

In general we offer short courses of 2/3 Months. For students getting admission in these courses needs some basic or intermediate level of educations, even some course may require at least graduation.

Admission Requirements

For enrollment you will have to submit the following either you have filled enrollment form or you came at our location. Our staff will fill out or print out your enrollment form, after completion of admission process and you will get a Student Enrollment Card with Student ID.

1.       You original CNIC and a copy

2.       Two recent photographs

3.       Contact number of two family members in case of any emergency

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