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Recruitment Policy

Recruitment and Selection Policy

GTSC is Pakistan’s Pioneer organization in conducting Trade Test. We are doing Trade Tests / Professional Evaluations for 20 years. We follow equal opportunity standards and constant approach to the recruitment and selection of personnel that enable us to provide suitable and qualified person with an equal opportunity to obtain employment with our valued client’s companies.


Policy Principles

The principle of our Policy is to ensure that our decisions must comply with client’s requirements and standards. We will recommend best candidates for the vacant posts and all selected personnel will;

  • Have excellent skills which guarantee the success.
  • Enhance productivity.
  • Best fit in your company.
  • Be uniform across the Company.
  • Fulfill legislative requirements.
  • Be consistent with the Company’s philosophy, and
  • Support your strategic goals.

The best person for the vacant position will be selected based on merit. This consists of an assessment of their overall level of skill, knowledge, experience and relevant qualifications, in accordance with the requirements of the job Description.

Recruitment and selection decisions based on irrelevant factors such as a person’s sex, race,  disability, age, sexuality or other personal biases or favoritism do not result in the best person  being selected for the position and will not be condoned by the Company.



Recruitment is the process of defining our job needs and attracting candidates to fill job vacancies. A successful recruitment process is one which is well planned, specific in its desired outcomes and targeted to the appropriate pool of applicants.

When a vacancy arises, the manager/supervisor responsible for the position will discuss the recruitment proposal with the relevant senior manager. Decisions will then be made about the requirements of the position, the process for sourcing applicants and remuneration for the position.



It is important to determine if this is a short term vacancy (e.g to cover leave or for seasonal increases in production), an ongoing position, full time or part time. The Company’s strategic plans, future production schedules and current staffing mix will guide this decision.


Job Description

Every position must have a Job Description. This gives a summary of the job, a description of tasks, specifies to whom the position reports and conditions of employment. Attached to this is a Person Specification detailing the skills, qualifications and experience required to perform the job and whether these are essential or desirable criteria.

The manager/supervisor responsible for the vacant position will be responsible for: ensuring an accurate, up to date and documented Position Description exists for the vacant position. The Manager of People Development will provide assistance in the preparation of the Position  Description and will approve the formal document.


Wherever possible, recruitment and selection decisions will be made by a panel of at least two people. The manager/supervisor who is responsible for the new employee will select the panel. Where possible, both sexes must be represented on the panel, and at least one member must have a detailed knowledge of the requirements of the position.


The selection panel will be responsible for:

  • Reviewing the Position Description and determining the essential and desirable
    criteria for the position, in consultation with the relevant manager/supervisor.
    The essential criteria are those factors that are crucial and compulsory to the
    performance of the position. Desirable criteria are those that will be beneficial
    to the applicant in performing the role. By determining the essential and desirable
    criteria of the position, the panel will have a standard for comparison of each

  • Creating and documenting an interview plan and questions to be asked at
    the interview. The questions will be restricted to those that are relevant to the
    position. Questions that may indicate an intention to discriminate or harass will
    not be tolerated.

  • Reviewing the applications that have been received and making a short list of
    those applicants whom appear to meet the essential criteria for the position.
    Prior to interviews being arranged, the short list is to be reviewed by the
    manager/supervisor responsible for the vacant position.

  • Arranging suitable interview times with the short listed applicants.
  • Notifying unsuccessful applicants by letter or other appropriate means.
  • Applications from ex-employees and family members will be considered on
    their merits against the selection criteria. Former employees who have
    had their employment terminated for misconduct or poor performance will
    not be short listed. Family members will not be placed in roles necessitating
    a reporting relationship with their kin.



The selection panel will conduct the interviews. The format of the interview will be to:

  • Provide details to the applicant about the position and the Company;
  • Discuss the applicant’s skills and experience as they relate to the position;
  • Answer any questions the applicant may have.

The interview must include information for the applicant about the next steps in the selection process and the expected time frame for completion. Permission from the applicant to contact any nominated referees must be obtained during the interview. If pre-employment medical assessments, police checks or other selection tests (e.g. psychological tests) are to be used, they must be explained to the applicant at the interview.

Second interviews must only be used if necessary to source additional information not available at the time of the initial interview. Offers or promises of employment must not be made “on the spot” at the interview.


Selection of Candidates and Offer of Employment

Following the interviews, the most suitable candidates must have their references checked, and if appropriate their work histories, qualifications and licenses. The appropriate manager/supervisor will contact the nominated referees, after obtaining permission from the candidate. Appropriate information will be sought to assist in the selection process.

When the preferred candidate has been selected, and all tests interviews and reference checks have been completed and are satisfactory, the selection panel will advise the Manager of People Development. An offer of employment will be made in writing. The applicant will be required to sign the letter as acceptance of the offer of employment. Verbal offers will be made based on this document.